How to teach the Growth Mindset, a presentation.

This is a technical task I was asked to do before an interview for the position of an ID in an IT enterprise. They liked the result, and we had a very pleasant interview, the feedback after which was like "you're great, and it is a pity that right now we do not have any matching tasks".

The task itself is as follows:
"Create a 10-minute presentation that describes how you would design this learning program. Please be 
sure to address the following:
  • Content Delivery. How do you propose to teach Torch’s managers about the growth mindset? How much time should be spent on content delivery?
Be creative. The Content Design Center does any instructional format, so select the approach you think will be the most effective. We can create face-to-face classroom sessions, video-conference sessions, all types of videos, articles, interactive eLearning modules, podcasts, infographics, experiential learning sessions, and coaching sessions.
  • Activities. What kind of activities should be included in the program? How much time should be spent on activities?
  • Assessment. How do you recommend we assess what Torch’s managers have learned? How much time should be spent on an assessment?”
And this is what I did: