Camtasia Tutorial 1st attempt (video at the bottom of the page).

As a practical learner

I find it most effective for me to learn a new skill or technology while completing a meaningful practical task. What is presented at this page is the result of me trying and finding a way to get about Camtasia authoring tool. I chose to make a video-tutorial for the board game MonsterStop! because I know it better that anyone else, and it has a very special meaning to me, you bet, me being its inventor.

The process of making the tutorial…

Was like in the books: first, I wrote the narrative, in several drafts – it took about four or five edits. It was getting shorter from draft to draft, and hopefully, more succint and concise. Then I had an online text-to-speech service produce an MP3 file from the script. I am not quite happy with the result – it is a bit flat and unnatural, and probably Google cloud AI would have done better, but for the sake of trial I chose a simple and free Java-based application. Anyway, it is better than working with your own voice. Hearing yourself speak the same stuff over and over again can drive anyone crazy.

Then I created a storyboard…

For my situation it seemed unnecessarily laboursome. As I was not going to share it with anyone, after a couple of scenes that I had made in detail, I kept the storyboard as a rough planning sheet.

Then I prepared the assets for the video, like close-ups of the game pieces, different angle shots of the board itself and a couple of videos of rolling dice.  Eventually I had to add to my asset library, but generally, I had done good preparation work.

The process itself was an exciting journey…

I believe that I used almost all tools on offer in Camtasia, except the interactivity ones, but I just have saved them for later. My next step will be to add in-video quizes, formative assessment and a final test to check if the learner has indeed acquired the necessary knowledge which will later transform into the skill of an invincible guru of MonsterStop!

I’m just joking – the game is not rocket science, however, I am determined to make the next iteration of the tutorial as interactive and educational as possible, meeting the highest ID standards.

Watch the Camtasia-made video tutorial “How to play MonsterStop!”