Google at Coursera Project 1 Case Study

This is a case study for my first project as a part of the Google UX design course at Coursera.

The project was “Design an app to write artists’ bios for art galleries”. A did some secondary research and found out that there are basicaly three types of blockers that real-world bio writers experience.

First, they are afraid to get the names of the educational and artistic institutions wrong, and they would like to be supported in that.

Secondly, they often feel there is nothing special to write about, or can not choose what to include in the bio – so, they need some guidance on style and content.

Finally, they are often frustrated at having to upload the bios on the gallery website and manage them, including the search engine optimisation.

So. in the ideal world, my app would offer solutions to these. However in the reality of the online course I only dealt with the registration page and “arrange and manage the appointment” feature.

What follows is the case study summarising the course module dedicated to this.