Фрагмент образовательного контента в Articulate Storyline №1.

This is my first ever episode of educational experience crearted in the Articulate Storyline. In it I have used an episode from Great Big Story Channel – a Youtube channel with a huge collection of short feature videos.

The full video is accessible at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLTLpFChlOg&t=2s

This video is one of the many that I have been using in my classes. In this learning experience episode I tried to convey the logics and the dynamics of my live classes.

This episode is for presentation perpuses inly and should not be used in any way for profit or in as part of any business activity.

The plug-in that is used to embed the Articulate Storyline file onto this page is rather jerry-rigged, so bugs and glitches are possible. Don’t attempt playing it on a handleld device. I could only get a more or less satysfying experience with a laptop.